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for the home

Round Tree Design creates beautiful fixtures for the home. The process is simple: we listen, create and deliver. We personally review each site and space that comes to us. We take notes and photos, then create a unique design for each situation. We take into account the physical space and our clients interests, and we inject creativity. Our
portfolio shows many examples of this. Throughout the project our clients can be assured of concise, direct and clear communication on important issues. In short, when our clients are happy, we are happy.

we're pretty unique
The Round Tree Design process is pretty unique. We personally visit with our clients, take notes and pictures, and create a custom design based off of the surroundings and the input gleaned during our visit. We assimilate as much information about the projects needs and space as possible. We also listen for issues that are important to our clients. We take all this information and generate a series of sketches, notes, and perhaps some form of a technical drawing. Then we put an estimate of time and materials towards the sketches and create a range of projected cost for the project. A .PDF proposal file is created and posted to a secure location on, and all relevant parties are sent a link to the file. Should our proposal be accepted, we continue to investigate, draw and refine until finally arriving at the most pleasing and balanced solution.
great materials
We offer choices on materials that make us very unique. The nuances of any given material can make or break a project and Round Tree Design takes pride in selectioning the "right" material for the job, whether it's a piece of scrap aluminium, a sheet of lightweight MDF or locally harvested lumber. We suggest materials that are appropriate, then follow up with the source to ensure we get the pick of the stock. Great projects begin with great material choices.

it's the little things
Installation is also an important phase of the project. We work hard to maintain timelines as much as possible because we know that is important to our clients. Our installations are characterized as organized, fast, quiet, courteous and clean - and we are proud of all those distinctions. We also don't consider our clients as "one job" clients. Experience shows us that when we treat people well, they call us back, so we stand by our work long after it's built to ensure that things go as they should.