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Material choices are very important. All materials have specific properties that make them suited to different applications. We take pride in introducing creative material choices that are well suited to the job. Moreover we try to emphasize material choices that are as sensitive to the planet as possible. This includes using
reclaimed wood, metal from junk yards, found objects and old fixtures. Whenever it's possible, we also use "green" finishes.

In this era of 10% added to each project for waste, it makes sense to conserve whenever possible. In our search to conserve resources without compromising quality, we discovered the beauty of naturally occurring hardwood waste lumber. This is hardwood lumber created from logs that were otherwise designated as green waste. The Urban Lumber Company removes logs from lots and neighborhoods in and around Kansas City. We saw the lumber, air dry it, and sell it for project use. The wood is not only "reclaimed", it's also green in that the wood is air dried, not kiln dried. Avoiding a kiln saves a lot of fuel energy and many people believe, as do we, that this is the superior and natural way to prepare wood for use. As if those weren't enough reasons, the wood also has a unique and wild character that can only be found in ungraded and unfiltered lumber, particularly in odd species from the neighborhood.

We regularly make use of old fixtures or second hand pieces from local outlets like the Habitat for Humanity Restore. The Restore is the best place in town to find cheap lumber, windows, and a lot of other slightly used fixtures for the home. These are all fixtures that would normally be junked, but still have a lot of good life left in them. This all helps to conserve energy and resources for our country. In addition to the terrific deals, the Restore staff is also the best in town, ready to help however they can.

While we don't get to use recycled material on every project, we do try to use it whenever appropriate. We are finding more and more ways to creatively reuse things that would other wise be wasted. We believe it is important for America to begin to change its reputation from a nation of comsumption to a nation of "reuse", and we want to help lead the way.

This cabinet was made from the sweetgum tree, above.